Thursday, November 17, 2011

Controlled Chaos

Don't let these faces fool you. I wish I had a camera in my house to show what goes on while I am not there. The lab Dakota is the sneakiest dog of all time. She is never allowed on the coach, the bed, or any furniture. Yet every single day when I leave the house she jumps on the bed and sleeps on it alllll day. Never fail when I come home I go in the room and feel the bed and its warm from her body. There is an inprint of where she sleeps every day. The thing is she knows better, as soon as I say DAKOTA and point to the bed, her head goes down and she hides. Silly dogs.
Now for the little one... Gracey! She is my everything. She is my oldest girl and my blessed jewel. She doesn't do anything wrong. What a complete angel. When she was younger she chewed through a few of my shoes and swimsuits, but nothing major. What I would give to see what these two monsters really do all day.
Dakota: Thanks for keeping the bed warm for me...
Gracey: Thanks for keeping my slippers warm for me....

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