Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blogging what?

This is my first Blog! I never thought that I would be a person who would write blogs, but look here I am! Never say never. This is what I have learned, NEVER SAY NEVER. I am here today because I am excited! I am excited about what comes next. I have made it a goal to get exactly what I want in anything I do. This takes a lot of self evaluation, self teaching, persistence, genuineness, honesty, and much much more. I was tired of watching my life go by without being completely fulfilled. I was just going through the motions of everyday. I decided to change everything! I quit my job, some of you may think what? Why would you quit your job out of the blue? Well let me tell ya... I was working for a Plastic Surgeon as an Aesthetician. I put my heart and soul into every patient, every treatment, and every move I made. I worked so hard at what I did. I definitely saw rewards from all of the people I met and the lives that I changed but that was all. I wasn't gaining anything from my employer. My efforts, my time, my gift, was not being understood by the one person who needed to understand. I had a 21 year old as my boss who didn't know how to even print a label. She would sit in an office on Facebook and plan her snooty wedding to who other than the doctors 35 year old son. Now, I am not judging because really age is just a number but really 21 and my "boss" who are we kidding. I realized I could not grow in this business. I cannot be taken seriously and therefore within a matter of days I sadly made the decision to resign. There was no warning for anyone, my employer, my patients, not even myself. I knew no matter what there was something greater out there for me. Something I didn't even know about but it was out there.

I had endured so many hard times, so many personal struggles, I had a lot that weighed on my tiny little shoulders. So many times I wondered how I even got out of bed on some mornings. I am not a person who cries to other people. I do not like people seeing me weak or struggle. I do not like topics to be all about me. I actually hate it. Even my closest friends who I know would do anything for me, I couldn't even open up to them to let them know my struggles, my pain, my everything. I am good at changing the subject in fact I may be a professional at it. I would get the question "So how are you?" My quick response is always "I am great, so what is going on with you and so and so, hows your life? Whats new?" Always, never fail, my plan always worked, conversation changed, mission accomplished and I was still a listening ear to my friends. I realized things had to change.
I remembered going to a meeting a few months back with a group of girls who were starting their business as Team Beachbody Coaches. I was intrigued but as always skeptical, one thing that I am and most people know about me is I have great intuition. I read people very very well. So I wasn't going to let anything fool me. So I sat in the meeting and took it all in, all the info, all the success stories, and learned a lot. I went home and contemplated it all. I took a walk and thought of how I could do this as well, how could I be successful. I like fitness, I like healthy lifestyles, I like positive people, feedback, rewards, and helping others. Quickly I dismissed the thought since when would I have time for any of this with a full time job that I lived for? So after a few months passed and fate hit and I realized my future in this company was not going to grow, I had an AH...HA moment. I would be a Team Beachbody Coach! I could be fit, healthy, help people and be successful and fulfilled. Here is where my journey begun! I am so excited to be a part of The Bombshell Dynasty Team. I went from probably my lowest point to my highest all in one week. Even though I was still jobless I knew I was going somewhere and would enjoy it the whole ride. www.teambeachbody.com/mylittlefitclub So to sum it up I am blogging, and I am taking you all with me. I will guide you through my ups and downs and be here for you throughout this journey. I am here to change lives in any way I can. I can answer questions about Beachbody, nutrition, coaching, your own business, and so on. I want to be here for you! Until next time, Take care My Little Followers


  1. While some people might not admire the fact that you just up and quit your job like that out of the blue, I do. I think it shows a great deal of courage, and you're obviously willing to take a chance to be happy. That's huge. Not too many people will do something like that.

    I'm sure you'll do great things with Beachbody! :)

  2. Wow! Could it really be that an attractive woman actually has a heart & soul?